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Short Parables to Ponder

Spiritual meditations reflected in analogies

This site focuses on spiritual meditations written by author Marianne C. Sailus who has chosen the genre of short reflections, often reflected in analogies, to express scriptural truths. Her "parablettes," or short parables, are what comprise the meditations to which suggested scriptural passages relate.

Her various works recommend scriptural readings from a variety of sources. Some are from her Eastern Christian background (Unfinished Business ) and follow the daily Lenten readings of the Byzantine Church. Another Lenten work, Carrying Your Cross with Christ, is written for those who cannot follow traditional Lenten practices, due to illness, disability, or caring for a loved one in these circumstances. Other works (Java with Jesus, Cappuccino with Christ and Latte with the Lord), do not follow the daily readings from any particular Christian tradition, but rather were chosen by the author to support the theme for the day. Forty Steps to Bethlehem features Advent meditations. Tea with the Theotokos is a compilation of 62 meditations to Mary, the Mother of God, with suggested use for Marian months and feast days.

By using examples from daily living, the author guides the reader to relate these parablettes to common experiences. As her guide, she recalls the parables addressed by Jesus to His followers: "A certain man had two sons," or "A man went up to Jericho and was beaten by robbers." These stories related to the people of His day and time and truths about the Kingdom of God, God's love for His people, God's unfailing mercy, etc. In a similar way, the author has chosen historical events, experiences from her bedside ministry, and examples from nature, to name a few, to convey Biblical truths.

Marianne Sailus

Marianne is a board certified hospital chaplain and contributor to Theosis, a journal of Eastern Christian Publications, where her column, "Practicing Our Faith," appears monthly.

She has also previously authored articles for St. Anthony Messenger, Contemplative Review, and wrote the script for the video, "Lord of Our Healing" (Liguori/Redemptorist, 1991), in which she portrayed herself.

Between 1985 and 1990, her self-syndicated column, "Televiews," appeared in Catholic newspapers in various parts of the United States. Learn more >